April 6 to April 12, 2022, Survey Results

AdrianAntazo.com is pleased to share with you some findings on the May 2022 Local Election from AdrianAntazo.com Local Social Media Survey. We request you to assist us in informing our fellow Antipoleno by disseminating this information.

The survey was conducted from April 6 to April 12, 2022, using the google form platform disseminated thru the Facebook posting and sharing function. The google form link was also posted to various group pages in Antipolo city such as Homeowners Association, School Alumni, Antipolo De Mercado, Antipolo Tayo, Barangay Page, Antipolo Classified Ads, Antipolo Buy and Sell pages, etc.

Limitation of this Survey:

  1. This survey was conducted purely thru Facebook and Messenger, hence population without social media accounts cannot be reached.
  2. Many Barangays and Homeowners Association Pages refused to post the Survey invitation on their pages for privacy purposes despite the Google form containing a Consent form and Non-disclosure clause.
  3. Some recipients of the Survey link were hesitant to fill out the said form.

Please continue to share the survey link and encourage our fellow Antipoleno to let their voices be heard. This will give an opportunity for our candidates to strengthen their plans, and platforms and intensify their campaigns, to reach more voters and listen to their needs.

Click the link to participate in the survey. https://forms.gle/GNqGoHbdoyWNHzUf9

Survey Participants
Mayorial and Vice Mayorial
Provincial Board Member
Councilor District 1
Councilor District 2
Presidential Demographic
Vice Presidential
Vice Presidential Demographic
Tandem Vote
Senatorial Race

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