Legal Logic

  Reference: Legal Logic Publisher: Central Book Supply Inc. Author: Francis Julius Evangelista David Robert Aquino Chapter 1: Introduction Logic and Law Legal Reasoning Argument as an Expression of Reasoning Recognizing Arguments Components of Legal Reasoning Evaluating Legal Reasoning Chapter 2: Fundamental Concept in Legal Reasoning Burden of Proof Evidence Relevance and Admissibility Testimony ofContinue reading “Legal Logic”

VIVARES vs. ST. THERESA’S COLLEGE G.R. No. 202666 September 29, 2014

Facts: Julia and Julienne¬†, both minors, were, during the period material, graduating high school students at STC. Sometime in January 2012, while changing into their swimsuits for a beach party they were about to attend, Julia and Julienne, along with several others, took digital pictures of themselves clad only in their undergarments. These pictures wereContinue reading “VIVARES vs. ST. THERESA’S COLLEGE G.R. No. 202666 September 29, 2014”