Kiel v. Estate of Sabert, GR 21639, 25 September 1924

Facts: In 1907, Albert F. Kiel along with William Milfeil commenced to work on certain public lands situated in the municipality of Parang, Province of Cotabato, known as Parang Plantation Company. Kiel subsequently took over the interest of Milfeil. In 1910, Kiel and P. S. Sabert entered into an agreement to develop the Parang PlantationContinue reading “Kiel v. Estate of Sabert, GR 21639, 25 September 1924”

Uy Chico v. Union Life Assurance Society, GR 9231, 6 January 1915 – 

Facts: The plaintiff and his brother took over the business and continued it under the same name, “Uy Layco.” The plaintiff purchased his brother’s interest in the business and continued to carry on the business under the father’s name. Sometime before the date of the fire, “Uy Layco” was heavily indebted and subsequent thereto theContinue reading “Uy Chico v. Union Life Assurance Society, GR 9231, 6 January 1915 – “

People v. Tan – GR L-14257 (1959)

Facts: Respondent Judge rejected the admission of the Triplicate carbon copy as evidence of the prosecution. Issue: Whether a triplicates carbon copies are not admissible unless it is first proven that the originals were lost and cannot be produced. Held: No, the admissibly of duplicates or triplicates has long been a settled question and weContinue reading “People v. Tan – GR L-14257 (1959)”

People v. Tandoy – GR 80505, 4 December 1990

Facts: Appellant was arrested in a buy-bust operation for selling Marijuana in the streets of Makati. RTC convicted the appellant. The appellant appeal to the CA arguing that the RTC erred in admitting a xerox copy of the buy-bust money as evidence. The appellant alleged that the admission of the said evidence is against theContinue reading “People v. Tandoy – GR 80505, 4 December 1990”


RULE 128 GENERAL PROVISIONS Section 1. Evidence defined. – Evidence is the means, sanctioned by these [R]ules, of ascertaining in a judicial proceeding the truth respecting a matter of fact. (1) Section 2. Scope. – The rules of evidence shall be the same in all courts and in all trials and hearings, except as otherwiseContinue reading “2019 AMENDMENTS TO THE 1989 REVISED RULES ON EVIDENCE (A.M. No. 19-08-15-SC)”

Ramirez v. CA – GR 93833, 28 September 1995

Facts: A civil case damages was filed by petitioner Socorro D. Ramirez in the RTC of Quezon City alleging that the private respondent, Ester S. Garcia, in a confrontation in the latter’s office, allegedly vexed, insulted and humiliated her in a “hostile and furious mood” and in a manner offensive to petitioner’s dignity and personality,”Continue reading “Ramirez v. CA – GR 93833, 28 September 1995”

Agustin v. CA – GR 162571, 15 June 2005

Facts: Private Respondent filed a complaint for support for her son against the petitioner. Respondent claim that her son was the biological child of the petitioner. That the petitioner impregnated her. Petitioner contended that he was not the father of respondent’s son as she has multiple secret lovers. That their sexual relationship ended long beforeContinue reading “Agustin v. CA – GR 162571, 15 June 2005”

Sison v. People – G.R. Nos. 108280-83 November 16, 1995

Facts: Accused were loyalist of the removed President Marcos. After the dispersal for their rally, they angrily mauled a suspected supporter of the newly installed President Aquino. The mauling was witnessed by Ranulfo Sumilang and Renato Banculo. The said mauling was also photographed by various newspapers. Subsequently the victim deceased. The accused then were arrested.Continue reading “Sison v. People – G.R. Nos. 108280-83 November 16, 1995”

Torres vs CA –  GR L-37421, July 31, 1984

Facts:Private Respondent file a complaint of against forcible Entry against the petitioner. Days after, the petitioner institute an action for partition of the disputed property. RTC consolidated the case declaring the petitioner a legitimate child of Margarita and the rightful heir for the 4/6 of the property of Margarita. Respondents appealed the case to theContinue reading “Torres vs CA –  GR L-37421, July 31, 1984”

Baguio v. Vda De Jalagat – GR L-28100, 29 November 1971

Facts: Petitioner when to the RTC to file a complaint previously decided by the said court. The RTC ruled that the action against the respondents was barred by res judicata. The RTC took judicial notice on the decision it previously rendered as ground for the dismissal. Petitioner then went to the SC to raise theContinue reading “Baguio v. Vda De Jalagat – GR L-28100, 29 November 1971”