MAKATI SHANGRI-LA vs. HARPER G.R. No. 189998, August 29, 2012

Fact: In the first week of November 1999, Christian Harper came to Manila on a business trip. He checked in at the Shangri-La Hotel. In the early morning of that date, however, he was murdered inside his hotel room by an unidentified malefactors. Due to a call from the bank of Christian Harper for suspiciousContinue reading “MAKATI SHANGRI-LA vs. HARPER G.R. No. 189998, August 29, 2012”

YHT REALTY CORP vs. CA G.R. No. 126780, February 17, 2005

Fact: Private Respondent was an Australian businessman-philanthropist who stayed in a Suites owned by the Petitioner. The Private Respondent rented a safety deposit box with the said Suite. In Renting the box, he was asked to sign a waiver “Undertaking For The Use of Safety Deposit Box” which exonerating the Hotel, its Management and EmployeesContinue reading “YHT REALTY CORP vs. CA G.R. No. 126780, February 17, 2005”


ACT NO. 2137 – THE WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS LAW I — THE ISSUE OF WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS Section 1. Persons who may issue receipts. — Warehouse receipts may be issued by any warehouseman. Sec. 2. Form of receipts; essential terms. — Warehouse receipts need not be in any particular form but every such receipt must embody withinContinue reading “ACT NO. 2137 – THE WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS LAW”

Rules of Court RULE 60 Replevin

RULE 60 Replevin Section 1. Application. — A party praying for the recovery of possession of personal property may, at the commencement of the action or at any time before answer, apply for an order for the delivery of such property to him, in the manner hereinafter provided. (1a) Section 2. Affidavit and bond. —Continue reading “Rules of Court RULE 60 Replevin”

Rules of Court RULE 59 Receivership

RULE 59 Receivership Section 1. Appointment of receiver. — Upon a verified application, one or more receivers of the property subject of the action or proceeding may be appointed by the court where the action is pending or by the Court of Appeals or by the Supreme Court, or a member thereof, in the followingContinue reading “Rules of Court RULE 59 Receivership”

Rules of Court RULE 62 Interpleader

RULE 62 Interpleader Section 1. When interpleader proper. — Whenever conflicting claims upon the same subject matter are or may be made against a person who claims no interest whatever in the subject matter, or an interest which in whole or in part is not disputed by the claimants, he may bring an action againstContinue reading “Rules of Court RULE 62 Interpleader”

Rules of Court RULE 57 Preliminary Attachment

RULE 57 Preliminary Attachment Section 1. Grounds upon which attachment may issue. — At the commencement of the action or at any time before entry of judgment, a plaintiff or any proper party may have the property of the adverse party attached as security for the satisfaction of any judgment that may be recovered inContinue reading “Rules of Court RULE 57 Preliminary Attachment”


TITLE XII DEPOSIT CHAPTER 1 Deposit in General and its Different Kinds Article 1962. A deposit is constituted from the moment a person receives a thing belonging to another, with the obligation of safely keeping it and of returning the same. If the safekeeping of the thing delivered is not the principal purpose of theContinue reading “TITLE XII DEPOSIT”


Facts: From 1979 to 1981, Private respondent David invested with the Nation Savings and Loan Association, (hereinafter called NSLA) the sum of money though the inducement of an Australian national who was allegedly a close associate of petitioner Guingona Jr., then NSLA President, petitioner Martin. That on March 21, 1981 NSLA was placed under receivershipContinue reading “TEOFISTO GUINGONA, JR. vs. THE CITY FISCAL OF MANILA, G.R. No. L-60033 April 4, 1984”

CATHOLIC VICAR vs. COURT OF APPEALS, G.R. No. 80294-95 September 21, 1988

Facts: filed with the Court of First Instance of Baguio Benguet on September 5, 1962 an application for registration of title over Lots 1, 2, 3, and 4 in Psu-194357, situated at Poblacion Central, La Trinidad, Benguet. the Heirs of Juan Valdez and the Heirs of Egmidio Octaviano filed their Answer/Opposition on Lots Nos. 2Continue reading “CATHOLIC VICAR vs. COURT OF APPEALS, G.R. No. 80294-95 September 21, 1988”