Transportation Law and Public Utilities

2018 Edition Suggested Reference: Aquino, Timoteo B. & Hernando, Ramon Paul L., Notes and Cases on the law of Transportation and Public Utilities COURSE OUTLINE PUBLIC UTILITIES General Discussion What is a public utility? Munn v Illinois, 94 U.S. 113 (1876) Luzon Stevedoring Co., Inc. v. PSC, G.R. No L-5458, September 1s, 1gsz Additional Readings.Continue reading “Transportation Law and Public Utilities”

Civil Procedure – SACP. S. Salazar

Civil Procedure Preliminary General Provision Civil Actions Complaints and Pleadings Jurisdiction Venue Parties to a Civil Action Causes of Action Related Topics and Jurisprudence Manner of Making Allegations Amended and Supplemental Pleadings Summons Bill of Particulars or Definite Statement When to File Responsive Pleadings Effects of Failure to Plead Filing and Service of Pleadings, Judgments,Continue reading “Civil Procedure – SACP. S. Salazar”


ON JURISDICTION RULE 110 – Prosecution of Offenses RULE 111 – Prosecution of Civil Action RULE 112 – Preliminary Investigation A. Definition 1. Fenequito vs Vergara Jr. (677 SCRA 113) (Full Text) 2. Burgundy Realty Corp. vs Reyes (678 SCRA 524) (Full Text) B. Who may Conduct PI 1. Abanado vs Bayona (677 SCRA 595)Continue reading “CRIMINAL PROCEDURE ARELLANO LAW– SYLLABUS”

Negotiable Instruments

Link Legend: Case Title: Case Digest Case Docket#: (Full Text) Introduction History: Governing Laws Applicability of the Law Kauffman vs PNB (42 Phil 182, 29 September 1921) GSIS vs CA (170 SCRA, 23 February 1989) General Principles Concept of Negotiable Instruments Definition Negotiable Instrument vs Legal Tender Negotiable Instrument – A written instrument signed byContinue reading “Negotiable Instruments”


WEEK COURSE CONTENT 1 Introduction: Diversity in the Marketplace 2 Consumer Research 3 Market Segmentation 4 Consumer Motivation 5 Personality and Consumer Behavior COURSE COVERAGE – PRELIM 6 Consumer Perception Consumer Learning 7 Consumer Attitude Formation and Change 8 Communication and Consumer Behavior 9 Reference Group and Family Influences 10 Social Class and Consumer BehaviorContinue reading “CONSUMER BEHAVIOR”


CRIMINAL PROCEDURE ATENEO – SYLLABUS Atty. Tranquil S. Salvador III Part I Venue in Criminal Cases is Jurisdictional Isip v. People, G.R. No.. 170298, June 26, 2007 Landbank of the Philippines v. Belisata, G.R. No. 170298, June 26, 2007 Jurisdiction to Issue Hold Departure Orders Mondejar v. Buban, A.M. No. MTJ-01-1349, July 12, 2001 JurisdictionContinue reading “CRIMINAL PROCEDURE: Atty. Tranquil S. Salvador III – ATENEO – SYLLABUS”

CONSTITUTIONAL LAW 2 Dean Mariano F. Magsalin Jr. Outline

  GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS Concept and Origin of the Bill of Rights Classification Civil Rights Political Rights Social and Economic Rights Doctrine of Preferred Freedom (Hierarchy of Rights) PBM Employees Org. vs. PBM Co., Inc., 51 SCRA 189 (1973) The Fundamental Powers of the State Similarities, Differences and Limitations POLICE POWER Definition, Scope & Basis CharacteristicsContinue reading “CONSTITUTIONAL LAW 2 Dean Mariano F. Magsalin Jr. Outline”