Interpleader LEONARDO R. OCAMPO vs. LEONORA TIRONA – G.R. No.147812. April 6, 2005 Declaratory Relief and Similar Remedies Almeda v. Bathala Marketing Industries, Inc., 542 SCRA 470 Kawasaki Port Services, Corp. v. Amores, 199 SCRA 230 Exclusive jurisdiction Exception (SC) Review of Judgments and Final Orders or Resolutions of the COMELEC & COA Certiorari, ProhibitionContinue reading “SPECIAL CIVIL ACTIONS”

Rules of Court RULE 62 Interpleader

RULE 62 Interpleader Section 1. When interpleader proper. — Whenever conflicting claims upon the same subject matter are or may be made against a person who claims no interest whatever in the subject matter, or an interest which in whole or in part is not disputed by the claimants, he may bring an action againstContinue reading “Rules of Court RULE 62 Interpleader”