MENDOZA vs. ALLAS and OLORES, G.R. No. 131977 February 4, 1999

Facts: Petitioner Pedro Mendoza joined the Bureau of Customs in 1972. He was appointed Customs Service Chief of the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service (CIIS). In 1989, the position of Customs Service Chief was reclassified by the Civil Service as “Director III” in accordance with Republic Act No. 6758 and National Compensation Circular No. 50.Continue reading “MENDOZA vs. ALLAS and OLORES, G.R. No. 131977 February 4, 1999”


Interpleader LEONARDO R. OCAMPO vs. LEONORA TIRONA – G.R. No.147812. April 6, 2005 Declaratory Relief and Similar Remedies Almeda v. Bathala Marketing Industries, Inc., 542 SCRA 470 Kawasaki Port Services, Corp. v. Amores, 199 SCRA 230 Exclusive jurisdiction Exception (SC) Review of Judgments and Final Orders or Resolutions of the COMELEC & COA Certiorari, ProhibitionContinue reading “SPECIAL CIVIL ACTIONS”