Baguio v. Vda De Jalagat – GR L-28100, 29 November 1971

Facts: Petitioner when to the RTC to file a complaint previously decided by the said court. The RTC ruled that the action against the respondents was barred by res judicata. The RTC took judicial notice on the decision it previously rendered as ground for the dismissal. Petitioner then went to the SC to raise theContinue reading “Baguio v. Vda De Jalagat – GR L-28100, 29 November 1971”

Tabuena v. CA and Tabernilla, GR 85423, 6 May 1991

Facts: Private respondent claimed that his ancestor Alfredo Tabernilla bought the property of Jose Peralta in 1926. Respondent also claimed that Petitioner’s parent could stay for free in the said property in exchange of paying the realty tax. Years later, the petitioner took possession of the said property that led to the filing of aContinue reading “Tabuena v. CA and Tabernilla, GR 85423, 6 May 1991”

City of Manila v. Garcia, GR L-26053, 21 February 1967

Facts: Respondent after the World War II, entered, settled, and constructed buildings in the property of the Petitioner without its consent. When the petitioner found out the said forced entry in its property, it entered into an agreement with the respondents a lease contract. Years later, the petitioner, to expand its public school, ordered theContinue reading “City of Manila v. Garcia, GR L-26053, 21 February 1967”

Sermonia v. CA – GR 109454, 14 June, 1994

Facts: Petitioner contracted a bigamous marriage where he argued that actions for his crime of bigamy was barred by prescription as his second marriage was registered in the Office of the Civil Registry more the 15 years before the action against it was initiated. He argued that the discovery of his crime should be countedContinue reading “Sermonia v. CA – GR 109454, 14 June, 1994”