Lagrosas vs. Bristo-Myers – G.R. No. 168637, September 12, 2008


Whether the CA erred when it did not discharge and release of the injunction cash bond of Bristol-Myers Squibb (Phil.) when it reversed the decision of the NLRC.

A preliminary injunction may be granted only when, among other things, the applicant, not explicitly exempted, files with the court where the action or proceeding is pending, a bond executed to the party or person enjoined, in an amount to be fixed by the court, to the effect that the applicant will pay such party or person all damages which he may sustain by reason of the injunction or temporary restraining order if the court should finally decide that the applicant was not entitled thereto. Upon approval of the requisite bond, a writ of preliminary injunction shall be issued.

The injunction bond is intended as a security for damages in case it is finally decided that the injunction ought not to have been granted. Its principal purpose is to protect the enjoined party against loss or damage by reason of the injunction, and the bond is usually conditioned accordingly.


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