Marketing Management

1Introduction to Marketing Management
-Certainties that high profile companies consider
-10 Marketing entities
-Needs, Wants and Demand
-Product and Offering
2Understanding marketing management within a global context
– The critical aspects of management
– How marketing management is practiced
– How global marketing management is practiced
– The major methods for going global or entering foreign markets
– Managing in developing and low-income markets
3Task and Broad Marketing
-Components of Task and Broad Marketing
4Creative Process:
-Creative Brief
-Major forms of Marketing Campaign
-Direct and Indirect Competition
5Marketing Campaign Analysis:
-11 Things to Consider when Analyzing Marketing Campaigns
-Messaging, Tagline, and Concept
6Strategic Planning, Implementation and Control
-External & Internal Environment
-Goal, Strategy and Program Formulation
7Integrated Marketing Communications:
-Advertising Message
-Media Choices
-Simulation Activity
-Final Pitch

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