XII. Liberty of Abode / Right to Travel, Article III, Section 6

– Silverio v CA, GR 94282, 8 Apr 1991 – Article III, Section 6 of the 1987 Constitution should by no means be construed as delimiting the inherent power of the Courts to use all means necessary to carry their orders into effect in criminal cases pending before them. When by law jurisdiction is conferred on a Court or judicial officer, all auxillary writs, process and other means necessary to carry it into effect may be employed by such Court or officer.
– Manotoc v CA, GR L-62100, 30 May 1986 – A court has the power to prohibit a person admitted to bail from leaving the Philippines. This is a necessary consequence of the nature and function of a bail bond.
– Genuino v De Lima, GR 197930;

Arroyo v De Lima, GR 199034,

Arrroyo v De Lima, GR 199046, 17 Apr 2018
– Office of the Court Administrator v Judge Macarine, A.M. No. MTJ-10-1770, 18 Jul 2012
– SPARK v QC, Navotas, Manila, GR GR 225442, 8 Aug 2017 (Curfew on Minors)


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