Torts and Damages

Course Outline – Case Digest

  1. TORTS
    1. Etymology and Usage of Term
    2. Difficulty in defining the term
    3. Sources of Obligation; Article 1157-1162 NCC
    4. Classifications:
      1. Negligence; Articles 2176-2194 NCC
      2. Intentional torts; Articles 19-35 NCC
      3. Strict liability torts; Articles 694-707; 2183-2193
    5. Distinguished from a Crime
      1. Articles 100-113; and 365 RPC
      2. Rule 111, Section 1, Rules of Court
      3. Civil Liability Arising from a Crime
        1. Barredo v. Garcia – G.R. No. L-48006, July 8, 1942
        2. Elcano v. Hill – G.R. No. L-24803 May 26, 1977
        3. Virata v. OchoaG.R. No. L-46179 January 31, 1978
        4. Banal v. TadeoG.R. No. 78911-25, December 11, 1987
        5. Occena v. IcaminaG.R. No. 82146, January 22, 1990
        6. Pacis v. Morales – G.R. No. 169467, February 25, 2010
        7. Casupanan v. Laroya
      4. Reservation of Civil Action
        1. People v. Amistad
        2. EDGAR JARANTILLA v. COURT OF APPEALSG.R. No. 80194 March 21, 1989
        3. Hun Hyung Park v. Eung Won ChoiG.R. No. 165496 February 12, 2007
        4. Salazar v. People
        5. Safeguard Security Agency v. Tangco
      5. Extinction/Survival of Civil Liability Ex-Delicto
        1. Rule 120, Section 2, Rules of Court
        2. People v. Navoa
        3. People v. Badeo
        4. People v. Bayotas
        5. Calang and Philtranco v. PeopleG.R. No. 190696, August 3, 2010
      6. Distinguished from a Contract;
        1. Articles 1172-1173; 1314 NCC
        2. Cangco v. Manila Railroad Co.
        3. Air France v. Carrascoso
        4. Singson v. BPI
        5. LRTA v. Navidad
        6. American Express v. Cordero
        7. So Ping Bun v. Court of Appeals
        8. Consolidated Bank & Trust Co. v. CA
        9. Crisostomo v. Court of Appeals
    1. Elements; Articles 2176-2194
    2. NegligenceConcept, Test and Degrees; Article 1173
      1. Picart v. Smith
      2. Smith Bell v. Borja
      3. Delsan Transport Lines v. C&A Construction
    3. Standard of Care
    4. Burden of proof
      1. Ong v. Metropolitan Water District
      2. Marikina Auto Line and Suelto v. People
      3. Exceptions: Articles 2184-2185; and 2188
    5. Common carriers; Arts. 1732-33; and 1755-63
    6. Res ipsa loquitur
      1. Spouses Africa v. Caltex
      2. Rodriguez v. Court of Appeals
      3. FGU Insurance v. G.P Sarmiento Trucking
      4. Perla Compania de Seguros v. Sarangaya III
    7. Respondeat superior
      1. Ramos v. Pepsi Cola
    8. Negligence of professionals
      1. Batiquin v. Court of Appeals
      2. Garcia-Rueda v. Pascasio
      3. Ramos v. Court of Appeals
      4. Nogales v. Capitol Medical Center
      5. Professional Services, Inc. v. NatividadG.R. No. 126297, January 31, 2007
      6. Negligence of Attorneys
      7. Del Mar v. Court of Appeals

c. Causation
-Proximate Cause; Immediate Cause
-Vda. De Bataclan v. Medina
-Phoenix Construction v. IAC
-Ramos v. C.O.L Realty
-Belarmino v. ECC
-Fernando v. Court of Appeals
-Umali v. Bacani
-Concurrence of Efficient Causes
-Tests of Causation
-Causation in Fact
-Substantial Factor
-But For” or “Sine Qua Non”
-Cause and Condition
-Natural and Probable Consequences
-Intervening Cause
-Rakes v. Atlantic Gulf & Pacific Co
-Taylor v. Manila Electric Co.
-Teague v. Fernandez
-McKee v. IAC
d. Persons Liable
-Tortfeasor/Joint tortfeasor
-Construction Development Corp. v. Estrella
e. Vicarious Liability; Article 2180
-Exconde v. Capuno
-Cuadra v. Monfort
-Gutierrez v. Court of Appeals
-Phil. Rabbit Lines Inc. v. Phil. Am. Forwarders
-Pleyto, et al. v. Lomboy, et al.
-YHT Realty Corporation v. CA
-Macalino v. Ong
-Mercury Drug v. Huang
-Meritt v. Government of P.I.
-Republic v. Palacios
-National Irrigation Adm. v. Fontanilla
-Quezon City Govt. v. Dacara
-Municipality of San Juan v. CA
-Teachers/Heads of Establishments
-Mercado v. Court of Appeals
-Palisoc v. Brillantes
-Ylarde v. Aquino
-Salvosa v. IAC
-Amadora v. Court of Appeals
-Pasco v. CFI-Bulacan, 160 SCRA 784
-St. Mary’s Academy v. Carpitanos
-Child Learning Center et. al. v. Tagario
-Saludaga v. Court of Appeals
-St. Francis High School v. CA
-PSBA v. Court of Appeals
-Soliman v. Tuazon
-Owner of Vehicle
-Proprietor of Building or Structure
-Local Government Units
f. Defenses; Total and Partial
-Plaintiff’s Own Negligence
-Theory of Implied Invitation
-Doctrine of Attractive Nuisance
-Contributory Negligence
-Cabardo v. CA
-Negros Navigation v. CA
-Exceptions; Conclusive presumption
-Assumption of Risk
-Nikko Hotel v. Roberto Reyes
-Cebu Country Club v. Elizagaque

-Doctrine of Last Clear Chance
-Picart v. Smith
-LADECO v. Angala
-PLDT v. Court of Appeals
-Achevara v. Ramos
-Fortuitous Event
-Cipriano v. CA
-Servando v. Phil. Steam Navigation
-Schmitz Transport v. Transport Venture
-Exceptions; McKee v. IAC
-Prescription; Article 1146, NCC
-Diligence of Good Father of a Family
-Res Judicata

a. Articles 20-34; 309, NCC
b. Individual rights and family relations
c. Abuse of Rights; Article 19
-Pe v. Pe
-Valenzuela v. CA
-Globe Mackay v. CA
-University of the East v. Jader
d. Contra Bonus Mores; Art. 21. NCC
-Breach of Promise to Marry
-Tanjanco v. CA
e. Deprivation of Property/Right
-Manila Gas v. CA
f. Public Humiliation
-Patricio v. Hon. Oscar Leviste
-American Express v. Cordero

g. Right to Privacy
-Socorro Ramirez v. Court of Appeals,
h. Interference with Family and Other relations
-Tenchavez v. Escaño,
-Lagon v. Court of Appeals
i. Sexual Harassment
-Villarama v. NLRC and Golden Donuts
j. Public officials
-Liwayway Vinzons-Chato v. Fortune Tobacco
-Silahis Hotel et al v. Soluta et al.
k. Defamation, Fraud and Physical Injuries
-MVRS Publications v. Islamic Da’wah Council

a. Death or Injuries to Employees; Article 1711, NCC
b. Possessor of Animals; Art. 2183, NCC
-Vestil v. Intermediate Appellate Court
c. Manufacturers and Processors; Article 2187, NCC
-RA 7394 or the Consumer Act of the Philippines
-Virgilio M. Del Rosario v. CA
-Coca-Cola Bottlers v. CA
d. Head of the Family; Article 2193, NCC

V. NUISANCE; Art. 694-707 NCC
-Nuisance per se and nuisance per accidens
-Public nuisance and private nuisance
-Attractive nuisance
-Velasco v. Meralco
-City of Manila v. Garcia
-Farrales v. Mayor of Baguio City
-Hidalgo Enterprises v. Balanda

a. Concept; Distinctions
-Heirs of Bolado v. Vda de Bulan
-Chiang Yia Min v. RCBC
b. Kinds of damages
-Actual or compensatory
-Producers Bank v. Chua

-De Vera v. San Diego Construction
-Meralco v. TEAM Electronics
-Pleyto v. Lomboy, et al.
-Nelen Lambert vs. Heirs of Ray Castillon
-Equitable PCI Bank v. Ng Sheung Ngor
-Attorney’s Fees
-Lagon v. Hooven Comalco Ind.
-SCC Chemicals v. State Investment
-Iringan v. Palao
-City Trust v. Villanueva
-Filipinas Broadcasting Network v. Ago Medical
-Pedrosa v. Rodriguez
-BPI Investment v. DG Carreon Commercial
-Producers Bank v. Chua


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