Civil Procedure – SACP. S. Salazar

Civil Procedure

  1. Preliminary
  2. General Provision
  3. Civil Actions
  4. Complaints and Pleadings
  5. Jurisdiction
  6. Venue
  7. Parties to a Civil Action
  8. Causes of Action
  9. Related Topics and Jurisprudence
  10. Manner of Making Allegations
  11. Amended and Supplemental Pleadings
  12. Summons
  13. Bill of Particulars or Definite Statement
  14. When to File Responsive Pleadings
  15. Effects of Failure to Plead
  16. Filing and Service of Pleadings, Judgments, and other papers
  17. Related Topics and Jurisprudence
  18. Motion
  19. Motion to Dismiss
  20. Dismissal of Action
  21. Pre-Trial
  22. Intervention
  23. Calendar of Cases
  24. Subpoena
  25. Related Topics and Jurisprudence
  26. Rules of Discovery
  27. Trial
  28. Rule on Summary Procedure
  29. Rules on Small Claims Cases
  30. Demurred to Evidence
  31. Judgement on the Pleadings
  32. Summary Judgment
  33. Judgment on Final Orders
  34. New Trial and Reconsideration
  35. Relief From Judgment
  36. Execution
  37. Related Topics and Jurisprudence
  38. Appeal
  39. Related Topics and Jurisprudence
  40. Original Cases Filed in the Court of Appeals
  41. Annulment of Judgments or Final Orders and Resolution
  42. Related Topics and Jurisprudence
  43. Provisional Remedies
  44. Related Topics and Jurisprudence
  45. Special Civil Action
  46. Related Topics and Jurisprudence

Additional Cases:

  1. First Sarmiento Property Holdings vs. PBCOM – G.R. No. 202836, June 19, 2018

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