Basic Finance


 Time Frame  Content / Topics/ Inputs  Pedagogical Tools and Activities
Week  1-2 Introduction to financial management –          Lecture
Weeks 3 Money, banking and interest rates –          Lecture
Weeks 4-5 –          Time value of money –          Lecture
Week 6 –          Prelim examination
Weeks 7-8 Understanding financial statements –          Lecture
Week 9-10 cash flow analysis –          Lecture
Week 11-12 CVP analysis –          Lecture
Week 12 –          midterm examination
Week 13-15 Working capital management –          Lecture
Week 16-17 –          Capital budgeting –          Lecture
Week 18 –          Final Examination


Alminar-Mutya, Ruby F. DBA (2013). Basic Business Finance: Management Approach, Published by National Bookstore

Pagoso, Cristobal (2010). Money, Credit and Banking Published by Rexbooks store


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