Dy, Jr. v. Court of Appeals 198 SCRA 826 July 8, 1991

Wilfredo Dy purchased a truck and a farm tractor through LIBRA which was also mortgaged with the latter, as a security to the loan. Petitioner, expresses his desire to purchased his brother’s tractor in a letter to LIBRA which also includes his intention to shoulder its mortgaged. LIBRA approved the request. At the time that Wilfredo Dy executed a deed of absolute sale in favor of petitioner, the tractor and truck were in the possession of LIBRA for his failure to pay the amortization. When petitioner finally fulfilled its obligation to pay the tractor, LIBRA would only release the same only if he would also pay for the truck. In order to fulfill LIBRA’s condition, petitioner convinced his sister to pay for the remaining truck, to which she released a check amounting to P22,000. LIBRA however, insisted that the check must be first cleared before it delivers the truck and tractor.

Meanwhile, another case penned “Gelac Trading Inc vs. Wilfredo Dy” was pending in Cebu as a case to recover for a sum of money (P12,269.80). By a writ of execution the court in Cebu ordered to seize and levy the tractor which was in the premise of LIBRA, it was sold in a public auction to which it was purchased by GELAC. The latter then sold the tractor to Antonio Gonzales.
RTC rendered in favor of petitioner. CA dismissed the case, alleging that it still belongs to Wilfredo Dy.

Whether or not there was a consummated sale between Petitioner and LIBRA?

NO. The relationship between Libra and the petitioner is not one of sale but still a mortgage. The payment of the check was actually intended to extinguish the mortgage obligation so that the tractor could be released to the petitioner. It was never intended nor could it be considered as payment of the purchase price because the relationship between Libra and the petitioner is not one of sale but still a mortgage. The clearing or encashment of the check which produced the effect of payment determined the full payment of the money obligation and the release of the chattel mortgage. It was not determinative of the consummation of the sale. The transaction between the brothers is distinct and apart from the transaction between Libra and the petitioner. The contention, therefore, that the consummation of the sale depended upon the encashment of the check is untenable.

Digest Credit: Lowell Vinluan


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