Election Law

GR # 205357 GMA v Comelec
GR # 157013 Macalintal v Comelec
GR # 188456 Roque v. Comelec
GR# 177508 Baranggay Assoc v Comelec
GR#105628 Sarmiento v Comelec
GR # 124521 Mastura v. Comelec
GR # 207900 Hayudini v Comelec
GR # 186359 Typoco v Comelec
GR# L-11994 PPI v Comelec
GR # 190582 Ladlad (LGBT) v Comelec
GR # 203766 Atong Paglaum v Comelec
GR#120295 Frivaldo v Comelec
GR # 212398 Ejercito v Comelec
GR # 181613 Penera v Comelec
GR 189698 Quinto v Comelec
GR # 195229 Ara Tea v Comelec
GR # 194076 Munder v Comelec

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