Macarrubo vs. Atty. Macarrubo A.C. No. 6148, 27 February 2004

Facts: A disbarment complaint was filed against Atty. Edmundo Macarrubo who had a subsisting marriage with Helen Esparza (with whom he had two children) before he entered into a second marriage with Florence Macarrubo (with whom he also had two children), herein Complainant. It was further averred that Atty. Macarrubo also entered into a third marriage with one Josephine Constantino. On the other hand, Atty. Macarrubo claims that he was able to secure the annulment of his first two marriages and is in the process of procuring one for his third.

Issue: Whether or not Atty. Macarrubo should be held administratively liable.

Decision: Yes. Atty. Macarrubo has exhibited the vice of entering into multiple marriages and then leaving them behind by the mere expedient of resorting to legal remedies to sever them. Atty. Macarrubo is found guilty of gross immorality and is hereby DISBARRED from the practice of law. He is likewise ordered to show satisfactory evidence that he is supporting his two children by the complainant.

Credit to:
Case Digest Author
Lenard L. Bautista
Arellano University School of Law


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